A Curved Tapered Band Necklace With A Golden Cloth Cover Decorated With Glass, Resin, And ‘Faux Pearl’ Beads




A curved tapered board band necklace covered with a golden patterned cloth. The necklace is decorated with large and small round pearlescent white Glass ‘faux pearls’, and light and dark blue facetted Resin circular and teardrop beads. At the front and centre of the band, is a Golden Metal domed circular panel, decorated with small facetted multicoloured Glass inlays, and bordered in a ‘star’ pattern, with long teardrop shaped pearlescent white Glass ‘faux pearls’, small round ‘faux pearls’, and teardrop and circular shaped, light and dark blue facetted Resin beads. At the base of the necklace is a line of large pearlescent white ‘faux pearls’. The inner diameter of the necklace is 5 inches. The band of the necklace is 3.4 inches in drop length, tapering down to 0.5 inches in drop length at each end of the necklace. The necklace is attached by a white elasticated band.

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