A Gold Plated Floral Patterned Oval Pendant With A Cornelian Centre On A Gold Plated Torque Necklace


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A Gold Plated floral patterned oval pendant with a Cornelian oval centre, engraved with Islamic calligraph and a long leaf. The borders of the pendant are decorated with four ‘flowers’ of brown cloth with Gold Plated borders, a Gold Plated vase inlaid with four very small Turquoise round beads, and a clear Crystal centre. The border is also decorated with Gold Plated leaves, and two white Glass ‘faux pearls’. The pendant is suspended from a Gold Plated circular torque and two Gold Plated chains. The pendant is 2.4 inches in width, 0.2 inches in depth, and 4.1 inches in drop length. The torque has an inner diameter of 4.2 inches inches, and is adjustable., The two chains are, each, 5 inches in length. The necklace and pendant have a maximum total drop length of 13.2 inches, and that length is adjustable. The necklace is finished with an ‘S’ hook and ring.