A Necklace Of Kenyan Handmade Thin Oval Ceramic Beads With Bright Multicoloured Glazes


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A necklace of fifteen handmade thin oval Ceramic beads each fired with brightly coloured glazes. Between each oval bead is a black ceramic small round spacer, with a small Brass ring on each side of the spacer. At each end of the necklace is a band of small black Ceramic round beads with small Brass circular ring spacers.The colours of the glazed Ceramic beads are red, light blue, yellow, orange, light green, dark blue, and purple. The Ceramic oval beads are each, approximately, 0.7 inches in width, 1 inch in length, and 0.2 inches in depth. The necklace is 18.4 inches in length, and is finished with a Brass oyster clasp and ring.

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