A Necklace Of Pink Freshwater Pearls With Seven ‘Flowers’ Of Pearl Coins And Small Round Pearls


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A necklace of pink Freshwater Pearls strung on Copper wires in a floral pattern of six petalled flowers, and a larger central flower of  fifteen petals. Each flower is made up from pink Freshwater Pearl coins and small round pink Freshwater Pearls. The six smaller flowers are, each, 1.3 inches in diameter and the large central flower is 2 inches in diameter. The necklace is also decorated with single pink Freshwater Pearls attached to Copper wires. The necklace is 18 inches in length, and is finished with a Silvered Metal, (Nickel free) oyster clasp, and a 2 inch chain, so the length of the necklace can be adjusted up to 20 inches.

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