A Nepalese Silver Plated Curved Rectangular Patterned Bezel Ring With Red And Turquoise Resin Inlays


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A Nepalese Silver Plated ring with a curved and rectangular shaped patterned bezel. At the centre of the bezel is a dark Turquoise domed oval cabochon, set in a Silver Plated frame and coiled band border. The bezel is decorated with a pattern of four Silver Plated teardrop bands, each inlaid with ‘coral’ red Resin. and a series of Silver Plated dots and curves. The border of the bezel is inlaid with turquoise coloured Resin. The band of the ring is decorated with a ‘coral’ red central band and two bands of turquoise Resin. The curved rectangular bezel is 1.1 inches in width, 1.6 inches in length, and 0.2 inches in height. The Silver Plated band off the ring is 0.4 inches in width.

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