A Nepalese Silver Plated Large Hinged Bangle Decorated With Turquoise, Lapis, And Red Glass Tubes


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A Nepalese Silver Plated large bangle. The oval shaped front of the bangle is decorated, at the centre, with a raised Silver Plated oval band, inlaid with small Turquoise slices, and surrounded by a pattern of red ‘coral’ Glass tubes and Silver Plated curled bands. Surrounding the centre is a band of four Lapis ovals and four discs, each with Silver Plated borders, and a border of red ‘coral’ Glass tubes. The two side bands of the bangle are, each, decorated with a Lapis long oval in a Silver Plated frame, two diamond shaped Silver Plated panels, each inlaid with Turquoise small slices, an oval panel, inlaid with small Cornelian slices, and Silver Plated curled bands and discs. The inner diameter of the bangle is 2.4 inches, and the maximum width is 2 inches.

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