A Nepalese Silver Plated Patterned Bangle, Inlaid With Amber, Turquoise Chips , Blue, And Red Glass


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A Nepalese Silver Plated patterned bangle. The oval centre of the bangle is a decorated with an Amber circular cabochon cabochon, eight Silver Plated circular discs, and borders of small Turquoise chips and Silver Plated bands. The two ‘wings’, overlapping the central oval panel, each have two Silver Plated rings, inlaid with ‘coral’ red Glass , and small Turquoise chips. The two sides of the bangle, each have a Silver Plated floral patterned triangular panel with Turquoise chips inlaid borders, and three circles, inlaid with Turquoise chips and ‘lapis’ blue Glass. The rectangular Silver Plated hinged clasp at the back, is inlaid with a circle of ‘coral’ red Glass. The inner diameter of the bangle is 2.5 inches, and the width of the bangle is 1.3 inches.

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