A Nepalese Silvered Metal Hinged Bangle Decorated With Patterns Of Turquoise And Coral Inlays


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A Nepalese Silvered Metal, (Nickel free), hinged bangle with a circular star patterned centre and two curved tapered bands. The bangle is decorated, throughout, with patterns of Turquoise chips and Coral chips and sliced tubular beads. The central circular band has a centre of Coral chips set in Resin, and a border of twelve Silvered Metal circular plaques, each inlaid with Turquoise chips set in Resin. The two curved tapered bands are each decorated with eight Silvered Metal circular posts and three Silvered Metal coiled wires. In the centre of each curved band is a Silvered Metal ring, inlaid with Coral chips, and two teardrop panels, inlaid with Turquoise chips. Both bands are bordered with lines of Coral tubular slices. The bangle is attached by a Silvered Metal circular patterned clasp, inlaid with Turquoise chips, and a Silvered Metal post.The star patterned circular centre is 2.1 inches in diameter. The inner diameter of the bangle is 2.6 inches and the bangle is 2.1 inches in width.

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