A New Guinea Cream Braided Rope Long Headdress Decorated With Cowrie Shells And Brown Seeds


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A New Guinea long ceremonial headdress of cream coloured braided Rope. The circular domed cap of the headdress is made of four braided Rope bands, each decorated with cream coloured Cowrie Shells. At the top of the cape is a white domed circular cream coloured Shell, decorated with a brown Seed in the centre. At the centre of the back of the headdress is a long braided Rope band, decorated with small circular Shells, each with a brown Seed at the centre, and bordered with Cowrie Shells. At the base of the headdress are three brown curled Shell pendants. Suspended from each side of the central band, at the back of the headdress, are thirteen looped bands of brown Seeds and small white Glass barrel beads. The photo is of the back of the headdress. The inner diameter of the cap of the headdress is 6.4 inches, and the height of the cap is 8 inches. The drop length of the headdress is 30.4 inches.

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