A Tibetan Antique Silver Curved Bands Necklace With A Large Stylised Bird Pendant Inlaid With Turquoise And Coral


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A Tibetan antique Silver curved bands necklace with a large stylised bird pendant. The body of the bird pendant has a large Turquoise inlay, and the wings and small head of the bird pendant are inlaid with small Turquoise and red Coral slices. The two Silver patterned curved bands of the necklace are each inlaid with two Turquoise and one red Coral cabochons. The pendant is 2.6 inches in maximum width, 0.2 inches in depth, and has a drop length of 3.6 inches. The pendant necklace has a drop length of 10 inches, and is finished, at the top, with two Silver chains, and a Silver hook and ring.

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