Afghan Traditional Silvered Metal Linked Chains On Black Cloth Fringed Headpiece Inlaid With Red And Green Glass Discs


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An Afghan traditional tribal black cotton cloth band headpiece, decorated with two rows of Silvered Metal, (Nickel free), linked chains, and inlaid with red and green Glass circular discs. Suspended from the base of the headpiece, is a fringe of Silvered Metal chains, each with a bell pendant. At each end of the headpiece are two white buttons. Above the centre of the headpiece is a black cloth rectangular band, decorated with Silvered Metal chains and Glass discs, and finished, at the top, with two white buttons. Three black cotton bands support the headpiece on the head. The band of the headpiece is 10 inches in length, and the band and fringe, have a drop length of 3 inches. The drop length of the band, fringe and the central vertical band, is 5 inches. The inner diameter of the headband is 6 inches.

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