‘American Indian’ Large Fan Shaped Headdress With Dark Green And Black Feathers, And White Faux Fur


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‘American Indian’ large fan shaped headdress, decorated with dark green and black Feathers, and white ‘faux fur’. The feathers and ‘fur’ are set into a series of black cloth covered tubes, attached to a black cloth circular cap. A triangular patterned band of blue, yellow, black, and white small Glass beads, on a cloth base, is attached to the front of the cap, and, on each side of the band, is a long pendant of white ‘faux fur’, and dark brown and dark green long Feathers. The inner diameter of the cap is 7.5 inches, and the maximum height of the headdress, from the bottom of the cap to the top of the Feathers, is 21 inches.

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