An Afghan Tribal Black Cloth Headdress With Silvered Metal Patterned Panels And Pendants


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Ab Afghan traditional tribal black cotton cloth headdress. The headdress is decorated with two rows of Silvered Metal, (Nickel free), diamond shaped panels, each embossed with a floral pattern, and a fringe of larger diamond shaped pendants. At each side of the headdress is a linked pendant of two Silvered Metal patterned teardrop panels, each inlaid with red, blue, and black Glass cabochons, and embossed with a series of seven Silvered Metal eight petalled flowers. The band of the headdress is 12 inches in width and 5.6 inches in drop length. The large linked double pendants on each side, have a drop length of 14 inches. The headdress is tied at the back by two black braided cotton 9.4 inch bands.

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