Balinese Antique Golden Metal Dance Headdress, Decorated With Clear Glass Facetted Cabochons


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Balinese antique Golden Metal, (Nickel free), dance headdress, decorated with clear Glass facetted cabochons. The curved Golden Metal filigree band at the base of the headdress, is decorated with clear Glass facetted cabochons, and has a fringe of Golden Metal chains with clear Glass cabochons at the ends. Above the base are two Golden Metal filigree ‘tiaras’ , the smaller one, at the front, decorated with clear Glass cabochons. Above the tiaras are eighteen Golden Metal ‘flowers’ on coiled bands, each decorated with clear facetted Glass cabochons. The inner diameter of the curved band is 6 inches, the headdress is 3 inches in depth, and has a height of 10 inches.

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