Lega Tribal Red A, Blue, Yellow And Black Small Glass Beads On A Fibre Winged Cap. Zaire


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Lega tribal winged cap of red, blue, yellow, and black Glass tubular beads attached to a fibre winged cap. Zaire. The sides of the cap are decorated with a diamond pattern of blue and red Glass beads. The circular top of the cap is decorated with a blue Glass beaded ‘star’ on a red Glass beaded base. The two ‘wings’ of the cap are decorated with red and blue striped Glass beads. The two circular lugs at the top and front of the cap are both decorated with red and blue Glass beads in a striped pattern. The inner diameter of the cap is 7.2 inches, and the height of the cap is 5.4 inches. The width of the cap, including the two wings, is 16.5 inches.

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