A Tibetan Long Necklace Of Silver Plated And Brass Mixed Shaped And Sized Beads Inlaid With Turquoise And Coral Beads, And A Hexagonal Silver Plated Patterned Pendant.


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A Tibetan long necklace of two long oval Brass patterned beads, each inlaid with three Turquoise circular beads and  six Coral teardrop bead, two large oval red Resin beads with Silver Plated patterned tips, two Silver Plated round fluted beads patterned with bands of small round beads, twelve small Silver Plated patterned beads of different shapes and sizes, four Turquoise large oval beads, four Turquoise small oval beads, and six small Coral discs. Suspended from the base of the necklace, by a patterned tube,  is a Silver Plated hexagonal patterned box pendant, decorated with four Turquoise domed circular inlays, two Coral domed circular inlays, and a Turquoise domed teardrop inlay. The pendant is 3 inches in width, 0.4 inches in depth, and, including the tube, 3.4 inches in drop length. The total drop length of the necklace and pendant is 14 inches, and the necklace is attached, at the top, by a Silver Plated oyster clasp and ring.

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