A Three Strand Necklace Of Baule And Tuareg Mixed Shaped And Sized Brass Beads With A Large Baule Patterned Circular Pendant


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A three strand necklace of Baule and Tuareg mixed shaped and sized beads. At the base of the necklace is a large Baule circular Brass pendant, patterned with a series of concentric circular bands. Each strand of the necklace has two long tubular Brass beads, beads, two small ridged oval Brass beads, one small cubed facetted Brass bead and a Baule oval patterned Brass bead. The Baule pendant is 3.5 inches in diameter. The necklace and pendant have a total drop length of 12.3 inches, and the necklace is attached, at the top, by a Brass wire hook and ring.

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