An Old Tibetan Headdress On Dark Brown Cloth, Decorated With Patterns Of Turquoise, Coral, And Cornelian Beads, And Pearls And Seeds


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An old Tibetan headdress on dark brown cloth, decorated , throughout, with patterns of Turquoise and Cornelian beads, and lines of small red Coral tubes, golden Pearls and dark red Seeds. At the centre of the front of the headdress is a raised oval panel decorated with Turquoise slices, and bordered with a band of Cornelian beads. The wavy borders of the headdress are decorated with lines of small red Coral tubes, small golden coloured irregular shaped Seed Pearls, and small dark red Seeds. The inner diameter of the headdress is 8 inches, and the headdress is 9.2 inches in height.

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