A Lega Traditional Tribal Cloth Cap, Decorated, Throughout, With Patterns Of Red, Blue, White, And Turquoise Small Glass Beads. DRC.



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A Lega, traditional tribal, circular cloth cap. Democratic Republic Of Congo. The cap has four lugs,on the sides of the cap, and one at the centre of the top of the cap. The cap is decorated, throughout, with patterns of dark blue Glass bead triangles and diamonds on a red Glass beads base. The five circular lugs are each decorated with stripes of red and dark blue small Glass beads. On the border at the top of the cap is a line of small white Glass beads. Each circular lug is 0.6 inches in diameter and 1 inch in height.  The inner diameter of the cap is 7.4 inches, and the cap is 5.2 inches in height.

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