An Antique Tibetan Silver Patterned Pendant Inlaid With Red Coral Round Beads, Suspended From A Silver Chain Links Necklace.


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An antique Tibetan Silver circular box pendant on a Silver chain links necklace. At the centre of the pendant is a raised domed Silver circular panel depicting a monk, sitting in a landscape of leaves and plants. The panel is bordered with a band of twenty-one small red Coral round beads. At the top of the pendant is a Silver patterned tube, decorated with three red Coral round beads, and, at the base of the pendant, a patterned Silver bar, decorated with three red Coral round beads. The Silver sides of the box pendant are decorated with patterned bands of Silver wires.  The box pendant is 1.6 inches in width, 1 inch in depth, and, including the Silver loop, 2.4 inches in drop length. The Silver chain is 20 inches in length, and is finished with a patterned Silver hook and ring.

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