A Yoruba Tribal Large Brown Cloth Square Pendant Decorated With Patterns Of Green, Pink, Black And White Small Glass Beads


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A Yoruba tribal large brown cloth square shaped pendant, suspended from a beige cloth band necklace. Nigeria. The centre of the pendant is decorated with four interlocking oval bands of black, white, and pink small Glass beads on a field of small green Glass beads. The borders of the pendant are decorated with diamond patterns of pink and green small Glass beads, and triangles of black small Glass beads. At the base of the pendant is a fringe of twenty-two strands of black, white, and grey small Glass beads. The pendant is 10.3 inches in width, 0.2 inches in depth, and, including the fringe, a drop length of 16 inches. The pendant and necklace have a total drop length of 32 inches.

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