A Javanese Golden Metal Old Ceremonial Headdress With Teardrop Shaped Panels, Each Decorated With Clear And Opalescent Glass Inlays


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A Javanese Golden Metal, (Nickel free), old ceremonial headdress, with teardrop shaped floral panels, on long coiled Golden Metal stalks. Each panel is decorated with small clear and opalescent facetted Crystal cabochons, each set in Golden Metal circular frames. Each of the four curved bands of the headdress is decorated with these floral panels on stalks, the shortest attached to the front band and the tallest attached to the back band. The curved front band is decorated with a line of small clear facetted Crystals, each set in Golden Metal circular frames. The inner diameter of the curved bands is 5.5 inches, and the depth is 2.5 inches. The headdress is 13.4 inches in width, and 5.4 inches in height.

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