A Balinese Large Silvered Metal Curved Band Headdress, Decorated With Large And Small Flowers, And Two Birds. Indonesia.


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A Balinese large Silvered Metal, (Nickel free), curved band headdress, decorated with large and small Silvered Metal embossed patterned flowers, and two birds. Indonesia. Each large Silvered Metal flower has, in the centre, five small metallic royal blue ‘petals’, a royal blue Glass oval bead and a small Golden Metal facetted bead. Above the curved headband are rows of three small and tapered six petal flowers, each attached to a central band. At the top of the headdress is a fringe of Silvered Metal  narrow pointed panels, and, on each side of the headband, two pendants of three embossed patterned panels. The inner diameter of the headband is 6.4 inches, and the headband is 2.2 inches in depth. The headdress is 21 inches in width, and, from the top of the headband, is 10.4 inches in height.

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