A Miao Silvered Metal Old Necklace Of Three Tapered And Curved Hollow Bands, Each Decorated In The Centre With A Circular Panel Of Two Fish, Bordered With Overlapping Triangular Panels . China.


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A Miao Silvered Metal, (Nickel free), old necklace of three tapered and curved hollow bands. China. Each band is decorated, in the centre, with a diamond shaped panel engraved with two fish in a circular border. On each side of the central panel is a band of overlapping triangular leaf shaped panels. At the top of each side of the three tapered bands, is a diamond shaped panel at the end of a curved band.  Each tapered band is 1 inch in diameter at the base, tapering down to 0.2 inches in diameter at the top of each side of the band. The inner diameter of the necklace is 6.4 inches and 9 inches in drop length.

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