A Large Old Traditional Gujarat Choker Of Silvered Metal Coiled And Tapered Bands. North India.


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A Gujarat Silvered Metal, (Nickel free),large old traditional choker of coiled and tapered bands. North India. The curved tapered bands on the upper part of choker are wrapped with Silvered Metal coiled bands, and, at the base of these bands, on each side of the choker, is an openwork lug of fourteen curved Silvered Metal narrow bands. The lower part of the choker is composed of a Silvered Metal curved and tapered coiled band. The coiled band of the choker is 1.4 inches in diameter at the base , and tapers down to 0.3 inches in diameter at the top of the choker. The inner diameter of the choker is 7.6 inches in diameter, and the drop length of the choker is 10.7 inches.

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