A Miao Old Silvered Metal Open Cuff, Decorated With Braided Wire Bands And Four ‘Flowers’ Of Domed Circular Beads.


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A Miao old Silvered Metal, (Nickel free), tapered open cuff. China. The cuff is decorated with parallel bands of braided Silvered Metal wires. In the centre of the cuff are four ‘flowers’, each with two circular lines of semi-circular braided wire and, in the centre, a Silvered Metal domed circular bead. At each end of the cuff is a panel with a semi circular top decorated with circular coiled bands and semi-circular domed beads. The inner diameter of the cuff is 3 inches, and the cuff is 3.2 inches in width at the front, tapering down to 2.4 inches in width, at each end of the cuff.

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