A Three Strand Necklace Of Black Resin Discs And Golden Metal Discs And Beads, And Six Strands At The Base Of The Necklace.


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A three strand necklace of black Resin discs and Golden Metal, (Nickel free), discs and round beads with two Golden Metal spacer bars separating the three strands, and a Golden Metal tube at the top of each side, enclosing the three strands.  At the base of the necklace are six strands of black Resin discs, Golden Metal discs, and four Golden Metal spacer bars. Above the two highest spacer bars are six lines of three Golden Metal round beads. The necklace is 1.2 inches in width at the base, tapering down to 0.2 inches in width at the top of the necklace. The necklace is 17 inches in length, and is finished with a Golden Metal oyster clasp, and a ring with a 2 inch chain, (for adjustable sizing).

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