A Long Three Strand Necklace Of West African Mixed Shaped And Sized Brass Beads With A Large Brass Five Sided Filigree Patterned Pendant.


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A long three strand necklace of West African Mixed Shaped And Sized Brass Beads, including long tubular beads, ridged filigree patterned beads, ridged oval beads, and small rectangular beads. At the base of the necklace is a large Brass pendant with five coiled and circular tapered bands, and a filigree patterned centre. Suspended from the two bottom bands are long pendants of one Brass hollow filigree patterned ridged bead, two long tubular Brass beads with a small ridged Brass bead. The pendant is 3.1 inches in width, 0.7 inches in depth, and, including the pendants, a drop length of 6 inches. The necklace and pendants have a total drop length of 12.7 inches, and the necklace is finished with a Golden Metal, (Nickel free), oyster clasp and ring.

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