A Tibetan Antique Silver Open Cuff Decorated With Round Silver Beads And Five Turquoise Cabochons


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A Tibetan antique Silver open cuff, decorated with large and small round Silver beads, patterned Silver borders. At the front of the cuff are three Turquoise circular panels, each set in a raised border of small round Silver beads. Around the central Turquoise panel, are four large round Silver beads, and a large round Silver bead at each end of the row of three Turquoise panels.  At each end of the cuff  is a Turquoise teardrop shaped panel, set in a raised border of small Silver beads, and three large round Silver beads surrounding each  teardrop shaped panel. The inner diameter of the cuff is 2.4 inches, and the cuff is 1.1 inches in width.

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