An Indian Necklace Of Golden Metal Patterned Beads And Golden Metal Patterned Beads Inlaid With Green Facetted Glass Diamond Shaped Panels And Small Marcasites.


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An Indian necklace of four bands of golden braided thread, with nine Golden Metal Square Shaped Beads, each inlaid with four green facetted Glass, diamond shaped panels, and small facetted Marcasites, ten Golden Metal  patterned round beads, two Golden Metal patterned teardrop beads, and two Golden Metal patterned tubular beads. Between each bead is a Golden Metal small round fluted spacer. The two teardrop beads are 0.6 inches in diameter and  1.2 inches in length, the round beads are 0.5 inches in diameter, and the square beads are 0.5 inches square.  At each end of the necklace are two long bands of golden braided thread, decorated, just above the beads, with six lines of small round white Glass ‘faux pearl’ beads. Each golden thread band is 11 inches in length, with a sliding red cloth toggle, and are joined, at the top, by four lines of small round white ‘faux pearls’ Glass beads, and a tassel of ten lines of white ‘faux pearls and red and green small Glass beads. The length of the necklace can be adjusted, using the sliding toggle, from 11 inches in drop length, up to 18 inches in drop length.

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