An Afghan Necklace Of Eleven Large Silver Plated Tubular Patterned Beads, With Blue Resin Domed Oval Insets And Orange Resin Borders.


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An Afghan necklace of eleven large Silver Plated tubular beads, each patterned with coiled and twisted bands and small circular discs . Each bead is decorated with three Silver Plated raised frames, each with a dark blue Resin domed inlay, and each bead is bordered with light orange Resin bands set within Silver Plated borders. Between each tubular bead is a small dark blue Resin rondel bead and two small Silver Plated patterned ring spacers. At each end of the necklace is a line of four dark blue Resin rondel beads, two orange Resin rondel beads, three Silver Plated patterned beads, and small Silver Plated rings. The largest tubular beads are 0.6 inches in diameter and 1.4 inches in length, and the smallest beads are 0.5 inches in diameter and 0.7 inches in length. The necklace is 23 inches in length, and is finished with a Silver Plated hook and ring.

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