A Necklace Of Copal Amber And Silvered Metal Oval Beads With A Tibetan Silvered Metal Large Buffalo Pendant.


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A necklace of Copal Amber oval beads, each patterned with Silver Plated wires and floral patterned tips, four Amber Resin tubular beads, six black Wood large round beads, eight black Wood small round beads , and twelve Silver Plated small fluted beads. Suspended from the base of the necklace, by a Silver Plated tube, inlaid with a domed circular Labradorite bead, is a large patterned Silver Plated pendant of a buffalo, with the back of the pendant engraved with a pattern of flowers and leaves, and the front decorated with a large brown Agate  domed teardrop shaped cabochon, set in a raised Silver Plated border. The buffalo pendant is 5.6 inches in width, 0.4 inches in depth, and 5.2 inches in drop length. The necklace and pendant have a total drop length of 14 inches, and the necklace is attached by a brown braided cord loop, and a black Wood round toggle.

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