A Baule Tribal Long Leather Necklace With A Pendant Of Mixed Shaped And Sized Brass And Copper Beads


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A Baule antique traditional tribal long Leather necklace, with a long pendant of mixed shaped and sized patterned Brass and Copper beads.. Ivory Coast, West Africa. The pendant includes two large Brass rings, linked Brass and Copper long patterned beads, a Brass ‘figure of eight’ double looped ring, and a Brass stylised horned bulls head pendant. The two rings are, each 3.2 inches in diameter, and the long Brass and Copper linked beads, are, each, 3.4 inches in length. The Brass and Copper pendant is 10.2 inches in drop length, and the total drop length of the Leather band necklace and pendant, is 23.4 inches in drop length.

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