A Black Braided Cord Necklace With Six Afghan Orange Copal Amber Oval Beads And A Circular Copal Amber Pendant


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A black braided cord necklace with six Afghan orange Copal Amber oval beads, each with a Silver patterned circular panel at the top and base of each bead. Suspended from a patterned Silver tube at the base of the necklace is a large orange Copal Amber circular pendant with a Silver floral patterned circular panel in the centre, inlaid with a small red Coral bead. The top and base of the pendant are decorated with floral patterned Silver panels, each inlaid with a small turquoise Howlite bead. Each Copal Amber bead is 0.6 inches in diameter and 1.1 inches in length. The pendant is 2 inches i diameter, 0.6 inches in depth, and, including the Silver tube, a drop length of 2.4 inches. The necklace is 12.4 inches in , and is finished with a Silver Plated hook and ring.

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