A Congolese Five Tiered Woven Fibre Ceremonial Tribal Headdress With A Brass Circular Patterned Disc


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A Congolese traditional tribal, five tiered , circular, woven Fibre, tall headdress. The headdress is decorated with a large circular patterned Brass disc. The sides of the cap are painted with a series of black, brown, and white triangular patterns.On each side of the headdress is a long flap of woven Cane, bordered with woven Fibre bands, decorated with a line of brown Cowrie Shells. The Brass disc is 5 inches in diameter. The inner diameter of the base of the headdress is 6.4 inches, and the headdress is 10.4 inches in height. The two long rectangular side flaps are 11 inches in drop length.

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