A Gold Plated Floral Patterned Circular Pendant With An Orange Dyed Agate Centre On A Band Necklace


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A Gold Plated circular pendant with an orange dyed Agate circular centre and decorated with a border of fifteen Gold Plated leaves and four curved ‘flowers’, each inlaid with a small red Glass bead centre, and five small round Turquoise beads. At the base of the pendant is a band of six small Turquoise round beads with a red facetted Glass teardrop in the centre. The pendant is suspended from a Gold Plated curved band Torque necklace with a Gold Plated chain at each end. The pendant is 2.6 inches in diameter and 0.3 inches in depth. The inner diameter of the torque band is 4.5 inches, and is adjustable in size. Each chain is 4.5 inches in length, and the necklace is attached, at the top, by a Gold Plated oyster clasp and chain. The necklace and pendant have a total drop length of 9.2 inches, and that length is adjustable.

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