A Long Thai Necklace Of Gold And Iolite Small Beads With A Diamond Shaped Pendant Inlaid With Iolite Facetted Beads


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A long Thai necklace of small, linked, floral patterned Gold beads, each inlaid with a small Iolite facetted cabochon, and small flat  diamond shaped Gold beads linked between each Iolite inlaid bead. At the base of the necklace is a  Gold, diamond shaped domed patterned pendant, inlaid with small facetted Iolite cabochons, and decorated with five raised circular lugs, each inlaid with an Iolite facetted cabochon. The pendant is 3 inches in width, and 3.1 inches in drop length. The necklace and pendant have a total drop length of 15 inches.

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