A Nepalese Silver Plated Circular Pendant Inlaid With Turquoise Chips And Orange ‘Coral’ Glass


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A Nepalese Silver Plated circular patterned pendant, suspended from a Silver Plated chain links necklace. The circular centre of the pendant is inlaid with Turquoise chips with a border of orange ‘coral’ Glass tubes, and below the centre a curved line of ten orange ‘coral’ Glass tubes. At the base of the pendant are three Silver Plated ‘leaves’ two inlaid with ‘turquoise’ Glass chips and one with orange ‘coral’ Glass chips. The border of the pendant is decorated with three bands of small Silver Plated discs. The pendant is 2.1 inches in width, and has a drop length of 3 inches. The necklace is 20 inches in length, and is finished with a Silver Plated oyster clasp and ring.

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