A New Guinea Old Woven Rattan Tribal Bag With Painted geometric Patterns, Feathers and Seeds


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A Papua New Guinea traditional tribal woven Rattan bag. The bag is decorated with a concentric rectangular bands painted in beige, reddish brown and dark brown pigments.

The top of the bag is decorated with a diamond shaped pattern of grey and cream ‘Job’s Tears’ Seeds. The front of the bag is decorated with a fringe of seven long pendants of black Wood tubes, Job’s Tears Seeds, and brown Feathers. On each side of the bag is a woven Rattan rectangular panel, decorated with beige, reddish brown, and dark brown painted lines.

The bag is 11.5 inches in width, and 11.4 inches in length.

The bag and woven Rattan strap have a total drop length of 27 inches.

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