A Tibetan Silvered Metal Curved Pendant Necklace Decorated With Red And Turquoise Glass Inlays


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A Tibetan Silvered Metal, (Nickel free), curved tapered pendant of five linked domed panels, and suspended from a black braided Leather band necklace. Each panel is decorated with small ‘coral’ red Glass inlays, and stylised ‘flowers’ of three Golden Metal wire rings, each with a turquoise Glass centre. The central panel, is decorated, in the centre, with seven Golden Metal wire rings with turquoise Glass inlays. The borders of each panel are decorated with patterned Silvered Metal bands. The top of the pendant is 5.4 inches in width, and the central panel has a drop length of 1.7 inches. The Leather necklace and pendant have a total length of 16 inches , and the necklace is finished with a Silvered Metal oyster clasp and ring, each attached to a Silvered Metal tubular holder.

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