A Tuareg Brass, Copper, And Silver Patterned Rectangular Pendant On A Leather Bands Long Necklace


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A Tuareg Brass, Copper, And Silver step patterned rectangular curved edged large pendant, suspended from a black Leather twelve strand long necklace. Mali, West Africa. The pendant is made up with a series of rectangular, triangular, and diamond shaped panels, each engraved with Tuareg traditional patterns. On each side of the pendant is a black Leather bands long fringe, each decorated, at the top, with green, brown, and black dyed Leather panels. The pendant is 6.1 inches in width, 0.5 inches in maximum depth, and 6.6 inches in drop length. The two leather fringes are, each, 8.4 inches in drop length. The necklace and pendant have a total drop length of 26 inches.

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