An Afghan Very Large Silver Engraved Patterned Ring With A Blue Glass Circular Intaglio Top


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An Afghan very large Silver ring engraved with a pattern of deers, flowers and leaves. The circular top of the ring is inlaid with a blue Glass intaglio engraved with a head and a floral pattern. Two sides of the ring are engraved with a heart, within which is an engraving of a deer, and on four sides of the ring are blue Glass cabochons in Silver frames, each engraved with Islamic script. At the centre of the four Silver bands at the base of the ring, is a blue Glass oval cabochon within a Silver border, the cabochon engraved with an Islamic script. The circular top of the ring is 1.6 inches in diameter, and the maximum diameter of the ring is 2.1 inches. The ring is 2.5 inches in height.

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