An African Necklace Of Multicoloured Mixed Shaped And Sized Beads, And A Brass Circular Pendant


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A West African long necklace of multicoloured mixed shaped and sized beads. Suspended from the base of the necklace is a large Baule Brass domed circular disc, engraved with circular bands of small jagged edged curves. The beads in the necklace include two large round Wood beads inlaid with Copper bands, two yellow ‘amber’ Resin button beads, different coloured round and oval Glass beads, black Coconut discs, and, at the centre of each side of the necklace, a group of five strands of mixed coloured plain and patterned Glass beads, patterned Brass beads, and Wood button beads with Aluminium centres. The domed circular pendant is 4 inches in diameter. The necklace and pendant have a total drop length of 15.3 inches, and is attached, at the top, by a loop of small black Glass round beads, and a toggle of black Coconut circular discs.

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