An Akha Ceremonial Headdress Of Silvered Metal Beads, Red Pompoms, Coins, And Multicoloured Glass Beads


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An Akha ceremonial black Cloth headdress decorated with strands of multicoloured Glass beads, red Pompoms, dark Silvered Metal round hollow beads, Silvered Metal buttons, and Coins. Northern Thailand. At the back of the headdress is a large Aluminium patterned panel. Suspended from the sides of the headdress are nine graduated strands of multicoloured Glass beads, and, from each side of the headdress a a long fringe of multicoloured Glass beads, Coins, and two Aluminium flat curved pendants. The inner diameter of the headdress is 7 inches, and the headdress is 9 inches in height. The fringe of beaded strands is 13 inches in drop length.

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