An ‘Aqua Aura’ Blue Quartz Six Sided Pointed Crystal Pendant On A Black Leather Thong Necklace


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An ‘Aqua Aura’ blue Quartz six sided pointed Crystal pendant on a black Leather thong necklace. The blue colour of an ‘Aqua Aura’ Crystal is produced by a process where the Quartz Crystal is dipped into vaporised finely powdered pure Gold and then irradiated. The blue colour is the result of the Gold reacting to the Crystal. The pendant is 0.6 inch in width, 0.5 inches in depth, and is 2.5 inches in drop length. The Leather necklace is 17 inches in length, and is finished with a Silvered Metal, (Nickel free), oyster clasp, and a 2 inch chain, so the length of the necklace can be extorted to 19 inches.

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