Balinese Golden Metal Traditional Marriage Headdress,Inlaid With Opalescent Facetted Glass Cabochons


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Balinese Golden Metal, (Nickel free), curved banded traditional marriage headdress, decorated with clear and opalescent facetted Glass cabochons. At the centre of the front of the headdress is a large Golden Metal, eight petalled ‘flower’, with a domed circular centre, decorated with circles of Glass cabochons. Above the central flower are seven triangular ‘leaves’ decorated with Glass cabochons, on long Golden Metal stalks. Both sides of the headdress are decorated with stylised flowers on coiled stalks, and, from the base of the headdress hang fourteen Golden Metal and facetted Glass small pendants. The inner diameter of the headdress is 5.3 inches, and the maximum height, at the front, is 4.7 inches.

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