Miao Silvered Metal Lage Patterned Torque Necklace In The Form Of A Stylised Bull’s Head. China


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Miao traditional tribal large Silvered Metal patterned torque necklace in the form of a stylised bull’s head. China. The two ‘horns’ of the head are decorated, on each side with three men paddling on a sea monster, surrounded by stylised fish. The two ‘eyes’ of the head are surrounded by stylised fish, and the lower panel of the head is decorated with curved etched bands and ‘nostrils’ of coiled bands. The inner diameter of the necklace is 7 inches, the outer diameter is 11 inches, and the drop length of the bull’s head, at the centre of the torque, is 5.2 inches. The drop length from the top of the horns to the bottom, is 12.4 inches. The necklace is attached, at the top, by two wire covered flat bands, and a coiled lug and hook.

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