A Fulani Gold Leafed Four Linked Bands Necklace With A ‘Star Fruit’ Four Curved Bands Centre. Mali, West Africa.


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A Fulani Gold Leafed necklace of two linked plain bands and two linked coiled bands. At the base of necklace is a four curved and tapered Gold Leafed bands panel based on the shape of the Star Fruit.  Mali, West Africa. The ‘Star Fruit panel is 12 cms in length, and 3.5 cms in width at the centre, tapering down to 1 cm  in width at each end of the panel. The two curved and coiled bands are each 6 cms in length, and the two curved plain bands are each 9 cms in length. The necklace is 43 cms in length, and is attached, at the top by two Gold Leafed curved hooks.

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