A Tuareg Old Traditional Tribal Large Rectangular Brass, Copper, And Silver Engraved Patterned Panels Pendant, Suspended From A Long Eight Strands Leather Necklace.


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A Tuareg old, traditional tribal, large rectangular pendant , with engraved patterns of Brass, Copper, And Silver panels and bands, and suspended from a long necklace of eight, dark brown  braided Leather strands. Mali, West Africa. At the centre of the pendant is a smaller raised rectangular patterned panel. On each side of the pendant is a long fringe of dark brown Leather strands, decorated, at the top, with green painted Lather bands and brown and white small rectangular Leather panels., and, above the pendant, a Brass and Silver patterned rectangular bar. The pendant is 4.2 inches in width, 0.3 inches in depth, and 4.2 inches in drop length. The bar is 4.5 inches in width, 0.1 inches in depth and 0.5 inches in drop length. The Leather fringes are 10.4 inches in drop length. The necklace, pendant, and fringes, have a total drop length of 30 inches.

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