An Afghan Silver Plated Circular Band Crown, Inlaid With Turquoise, Cornelian, Green Onyx, Blue and Red Glass Cabochons, And A Fringe Of Silver Plated chains.


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An Afghan Silver Plated circular, adjustable hinged bands crown. The crown is decorated with a pattern of curved bands of Silver Plated and Brass wires, and inlaid with mixed shaped and sized Turquoise, Cornelian, Green Onyx , blue and red Glass cabochons, each set in Silver Plated frames. Around the base of the crown is a fringe of Silver Plated chains, each with a Silver Plated pattern oval pendant at the base of each chain. Each chain and pendant is 2.2 inches in drop length. The inner diameter of the circular band is 6.4 inches, and is adjustable in size. The band is 1.1 inches in width, and the centre of the front of the crown is 4.5 inches in height.

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